PC - Based Digital Surveillance System

' A surveillance system, for the 21st
century and beyond...'
The Multi-Guard™ Surveillance system allows a user to connect up to Thirty Two cameras to a PC in order to simultaneously display and record images, or view them remotely via 
modem, internet or even by

- Fully PCI 2.1 Compliant Card installed into vacant PCI expansion slot (BrookTree bt878 Chip).Figure 1
- Supports 4-16 composite video inputs (A/V inputs) Figure 2
- Anytime, anywhere
Internet, network or modem access to cameras via remote software or IE browser. Can also remotely access system via PDA/ Smart Phone using iPhone, Android or MS Windows CE software
- Individual camera configuration. Each camera can be independently configured for brightness, contrast, video quality (wavelet or Mpeg4 compression), alarm and name.
- Motion Detection. Motion detection technology allows for a camera to record only when image changes are detected, saving time & cost of continuous recording as in a traditional VCR system. Adjustable movement detection sensitivity levels
- Dial / email out In motion detect mode, unit can dial out to a preprogrammed phone number (mobile phone) or email a jpg file to any email address.
- Digital Zoom Function Zoom in or out using mouse
- Multiplexing Function Can call up saved images individually or in quad or mozaic format, all recorded in avi format.
- Time Lapse Record Function on hard drive
, indexed by date and time.
- Remote Playback Allows user to remotely playback files via TCP/IP.
- Multi-Level Password Function Allows user and owner access levels.
- Digital Watermark Prevents the artificial alteration of recorded images maintaining authenticity.
- Video Analytics like Inteligent Search allows a user to automatically search an incident within a defined search box 
Figure 3
- Award winning software

- Geovision Multi-Cam Digital Surveillance System (Professional Version)
- Geovision Multi-Cam Remote Viewer
- Geovision Multi-Cam Backup System
- Geovision Multi-Cam Remote PlayBack System
- Geovision 3G Viewer for iPhone, Android or WinCE
Package Contents:

- 8 or 16 Port Capture Card
- User / Installation Manual
- Software & Driver CD
- Laminated Quick Reference Guide
4, 8, 16 and 32 Channel
NVR system for Geovision and 3rd Party IP Cameras
Onvif Compliant
The Multiguard Advantage:

- High Speed. Cards support 100 fps (Multiguard-16) and up to 32 Channel Real Time Pure NVR platforms
- Requires one PCI slot for multiple cameras.
Several imported multi-camera cards require several PCI slots for expansion limiting versatility and resulting in a myriad of address conflicts. The Multiguard units are comprised of only one main card and add-on modules, thus require only one PCI slot.
- Easy to install and even easier to use.
- Fraction of the cost upfront and to maintain when compared to standalone DVR systems. The use of your own computer prevents cost duplication and reduces hardware footprint
- Innovation through software design, minimising software obsolescence
Figure 4  Geovision DVR and NVR Software
Left Figure 1            
Figure 2
Below Figure 3
Geovision IP Cameras
Megapixel HD Resolution
Innovative Designs
Onvif Compliant
16 camera card
100 Frames Per Second
Supports Windows
XP, Vista, 7